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Eurogrip, 25 years of expertise

The most beautiful and thereby most difficult thing about
our trade is all about imagination. How is your idea or
concept imag(e)-ined? This is our daily business.

Eurogrip offers the widest range of devices for the more
advanced camera work. In addition, we can present years
of experience in film, video, TV and commercials.

On our website you will get an overview of both our
material and expertise. Please feel free to contact us
for information or a consult.


Latest News

This new 3-axis Flighthead is based on the same technology as the legendary Flighthead 5. This head was designed for the 2014 Olympic wintergames in Sochi, and it's specially designed for the tv market, the head is ideal in use with telescopic cranes, remote dollies, tracking dollies... It is a 3-axis head that's one of the lightest, strongest en best heads in the world, and we are proud that we have that head at Eurogrip.
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